This web gallery contains digital montage, colour, black and white and screenprint images of various subjects.

Prices for Prints from Sturdyart

Roll Paper : L = Length 13 X L in. 18 X L in. 24 X L in. Other Sizes
Giclée Prints * $250.00 $350.00 $450.00 $75.00 /sq.ft.
Screen Prints $225
* Archival Ink Jet print

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The Artist: I was born in Vancouver in 1946, graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1971 with a BA in Political Science and Communications. In addition to my photography I have been variously employed as a deckhand, pulp mill worker, painter, night-school instructor, freelance photographer, stagehand and film grip. Since 1991 I have resided with my family at our farm in Spallumcheen BC.

The Images: photography has been my passion since 1969 when I bought my first Pentax SV SLR with a clip-on light meter and a couple of lenses. Finally my vision had found a voice through a medium that allowed me to express my own particular angle on the world. Lasting impressions could become lasting expressions. Early darkroom experiences yielded the scientific secrets of writing with light and the continued satisfaction of being able to afford what is normally an expensive medium. I feel fortunate that I have lived in a time and a place that has allowed me the freedom to pursue what are otherwise such "non-essential" interests.

An essay on digital composite imagery